As a child, while other kids were trying for accurate visual representations of people, houses, etc. etc. I was interested in no such thing (and I got in some trouble for it) Instead, I was a happy mess. I was rebellious and nobody was going to tell me that a house was not a house. I began a consuming exploration of the dance between the body, the hand, the brain, and the eye. Also, as a child, I had a natural ability to play piano by ear and could repeat whatever I heard, which grew into a life-long passion for musical improvisation and gaining a good grasp of musical history, specifically jazz and blues.

While these two disciplines have always felt like two separate spinning endeavors; each as huge as planets, I have always sought to find a satisfying way to bridge the gap towards a holistic identity as an artist.

In my latest series using art in service to music, I am focusing on creating visual interpretations to different tunes. In response to certain idols ( right now, Wayne Shorter) and favorite pieces, I have created visual pieces that seek to enter into the music and have as direct an experience with the two as possible. This is a body and soul proposition, often hypnotic and lyrical in nature, ever in search of that synergy.